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[This is what I posted on Facebook. I'm not as much of an activist here, but I want this to reach as many people as possible. Please feel free to post the URL in your own entry/words, or even to use some of mine (the bit about being a Cat might be a bit nonsensical ;)]

I sincerely wish I didn't have to run around shouting about the sky falling (for goodness sake, I'm a large Cat, not a little chicken) with regards to Internet censorship, but unfortunately the newer attacks are not only as dangerous as the former attempts, but in most, if not all, cases they're even more brazen and harmful. Things have been quiet on the TPP front (the behind-the-scenes-not-even-our-legislators-are-being-let-in-on-what-is-going-on trade agreement), but not so much on the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) (which I believe I've mentioned once before) front. I'll let Google tell the story. Please please please consider signing the petition and don't put it off -- the decision may be made on December 3rd. Please also share this in your own status so more people hear about it.


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