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Today's song reminds me of my first kitty, Thena, who died suddenly two weeks after we moved to Albuquerque. All those times she wanted to cuddle that I was busy with something which, in retrospect, was unimportant, come back to me when I hear "I Wish You Were Here Again" performed by Holly Near.
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Gail used to love playing with balloons, grabbing the strings in her mouth and directing them up our skylights -- in fact, it even became apparent that she would alternate which skylight she used. It was very cute, but [livejournal.com profile] callicrates and I haven't brought home balloons since she died.

Fast forward to last night. We went out to Red Robin (long story) for dinner, and on the way out I got a pretty green balloon. Unfortunately the string was too short for the kitties to reach easily, but it was fun watching Heidi jump and try to get it.

Overnight the helium wore out and, when I woke up this morning, the balloon was in our room. I pointed this out to Andy, and he said "Aw", and we both went back to sleep. When we got up for real, the balloon was back in the living room. Later in the day I determined that the primary (and perhaps the only) balloon mover is Heidi, who gleefully bats it around.

Her manner of moving it around doesn't surprise me. Sean has taken over as our string kitty, loving to drag things around by means of thin pieces of fabric/plastic. Since neither kitty appears intent upon popping the balloon, I'm still suspecting that Sean will get around to doing some redecorating of his own, hopefully when I can get a picture. Silly little guy has become camera-shy.

And, since I've mentioned three of our kitties in a post, here's a link to pictures of the first one, Thena, who only ever played with bubbles. Or rather, she may have batted around balloons post-helium, but if so I don't have the pictures online.
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I had my first Thena dream since she died. There was some other stuff going on, but the important part started when Andy walked in, holding the Foo. I said "Thena?", and he said "It's a year before she died", then handed her over to me. We both petted her while she thunderpurred. I don't remember why, but I put her down and she scampered off. I went to pick her up again and she was gone. Andy and I (and some other people in the dream whom I knew but whom I don't know while awake) called and called her and even went looking, but she was gone.

When I woke up Heidi (AKA Nose Bandit) was sitting on my legs. As soon as she saw I was awake she came up to me and began licking my nose. She let me cuddle her like a teddy bear, something she doesn't do often, for as long as I let her groom me. Oh, and she too was purring her furry little throat out.


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