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The delusion that all human life isn't interconnected.
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I would love to see him recognize just how wonderful a person he is, how many people care for him, and how much we love him. And for him to stop suffering from nightmares.
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Paperweights! Preferably but not necessarily dichroic, and with spillovers into marbles and other pretty glass/acrylic items.

I started after seeing a gorgeous paperweight (later, much later, identified as Robert Eickholt's Blue Veil). I couldn't resist the paperweights I found during the search for Blue Veil, nor have I stopped collecting since I found it. Specifically, I'm still looking for a late 1990s version of the ever-hanging Glass Eye Studio Uranus paperweight.
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Of course I would. Going to space (in any capacity) has been my dream for as long as I can remember.
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It would depend upon whether the asker meant first love or first crush.

For first love, it would be easy: "Hi, Andy, let me help you with some of those things you're carrying."

First crush would be more bittersweet, since he died last year. I think the first thing I would do would be to hug him. And while they might not be the first words to pop out of my mouth, at some point I would ask "How did it happen?"
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When Gail, our second cat, was deteriorating, she stopped eating. In desperation I went to Whole Foods and asked the clerk in the seafood department for ideas, explained why, and then asked for a sample size of the fish he recommended. He cut off a fairly decent chunk and, although it was more than I wanted, I took it up to the register. It turns out that he had put in the code for "free sample". And the fish was one of the last things she ate.
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I've been tempted to do a few of these in the past, but this is the first one I've actually overcome my apathy to do:

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This gets a bit long. )


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