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Finals week was intense. I have no idea on how I did on two finals, or on my paper for feminist theory, though I had a "B+" (as far as I can tell) going into the exam/final paper. I got two "A"s back on a short story and a literature review I did for Tolkien. I also found out I had a "B" going into the final paper for linguistics. I've no idea at all where I stand with regards to the senior seminar.

The torchlight ceremony the night before graduation was lovely. Graduation started out on a gloomy day, but by the time we got out it had cleared out to a crisp sunny day with a blue sky and streaks of clouds. I'm not going to celebrate until I get my grades back, though -- the professors' deadline for getting them in is Thursday.

Tomorrow I go to meet my favorite (former) professor for dinner and present her and her partner with their wedding presents -- necklaces with stones I set. The professor's is an emerald surrounded by eight tiny sapphires, and her partner's is a sapphire surrounded by eight tiny emeralds -- the professor's favorite color is blue and her partner's is green.

On Tuesday [livejournal.com profile] callicrates and I go home and spoil the purr out of some kitties. At this point I don't know what I will be doing next other than spoiling [livejournal.com profile] callicrates and kitties.
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Classes are over. I turned in a 4-page paper for linguistics, an 11-page paper in food and identity, and a short story, a reflection on the short story, and a literary review in Tolkien. I got Mother's Day flowers from Andy, Heidi, and Sean!

I have a 12-page paper due in feminist theory on Tuesday, an 8-pager due in linguistics on Thursday, my journal entries for this semester due on Thursday, and my Tolkien exam at 8am on Thursday and my feminist theory exam at 10:30am on Thursday. Andy arrives Thursday evening, and we'll be shipping things on Friday. We also have a picnic with my feminist theory class on Friday and a torchlight ceremony Friday night. Graduation is bright and early on Saturday morning (8:15 for us to line up, 9:00 for the ceremony), and I have to be out of the dorm by 6pm Saturday.

Time to go work on some papers.
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And we're now entering on our final stretch (not the royal "we", but in terms of Oswego students). This is the last week of classes, and for two of my courses without finals, the very last week.

As might be expected, I'm a bit swamped; in fact I'm currently procrastinating on finishing the third take-home test for linguistics. Once that is finished I have a 4-6 pager due on Thursday.

On Tuesday we're having a final feast in senior seminar. I went to Pamela's house on Saturday and baked a midnight chocolate cake as my contribution. I also have my 10-15 page paper due.

On Thursday we're having a Hobbit Feast in Tolkien. I baked cookies at Pamela's for that. I modified a recipe for cookies we usually make at Christmas called snow caps. They're basically meringues, but for this I purposely flopped them so they don't have points, and I'm calling them mushroom cap cookies. Along with the cookies I need to turn in a short story I wrote, a reaction piece about writing the story, and a six-page literature review.

Finally, in feminist theory we're having normal classes, with journals due on Thursday. I've sort of let those lapse since we last handed them in, so remembering what we discussed in class should be fun.

Saturday was fun. Pamela did a lot of the baking, but I'm not complaining. We got to see her sugar gliders (Gizmo and Widget), and Widget even walked on my hand. My mom also came up and the three of us had lunch before I caught the bus back to Oswego. The driver was disappointed that I hadn't brought the food to pass around on the bus ;).
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Andy's visit was wonderful, if brief. He got a lot of compliments by my classmates for how knowledgeable he was; one said he should have been guest teaching the class that day. He was also able to accompany me to the school's grad fair, where I got my cap and gown and got tickets for friends and family to come to the graduation, as well as ordering a class ring and graduation announcements and photos. Since Andy was there, they took photos of just me and with the two of us together. We decided today to order one of the single photos and get a picture of us done at a point where he can dress up more. I've wanted a family portrait with us and the kitties done for a while; maybe this will finally be the impetus we need.

I survived the facilitations, which ended up happening on both Tuesday and Thursday. As far as I can tell, our group covered everything we needed to. Andy came with me to do the poster session on Quest Day, which is a day off from classes wherein students show off what they've been learning via posters and programs, and speakers, including faculty, have talks. The Astronaut ice cream I gave out evoked many amusing reactions, but I went through five packets of the stuff. I also got through my presentation for linguistics and I believe I acquitted myself favorably. I have no idea how much credit I got for it. We went out to dinner with my feminist theories professor, and she said that I need not be worried that I'll fail the class.

I also had a dream on Thursday night which was so coherent that I wrote it into a 1 1/2 page short story on Friday. Perhaps I could have made better use of my time, but it's good to have done one again after years of writing nothing at all.

It's hard to believe that Andy will be back here in three weeks for graduation. I also have to keep reminding myself that graduation may not happen if I don't get into gear and finish all of the papers and such that I have to do. The one looming over me at the moment is a 6-8 page rough draft for feminist theory due tomorrow at 5pm and not very far along, though I do have an annotated bibliography and an approved proposal for it. That being said, it's probably time to get back to working on said rough draft.
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This week was somewhat calm, which is overall a good thing. I got back a B+ on a feminism journal and an 88 on a linguistics essay. On Thursday I went to the annual Pride Alliance banquet and I had a great time talking with two professors from a different department and with my feminism professor, who was invited along at the last minute by the keynote speaker. I didn't realize it, but the Pride Alliance gives out rainbow tassels for seniors to wear at graduation, so now I have one. On Friday I participated in the day of silence, as noted in a separate post.

This week is going to be busy. Andy arrives at about 8:15pm Monday, and will be here through Saturday. In the meantime I have a class facilitation on Tuesday, a poster for senior seminar (aka food and identity) during which I'll be giving out astronaut ice cream samples on Wednesday, and a presentation on Thursday for linguistics. After class, Andy and I are going out to dinner with my feminism professor.

On Friday we plan on heading back to Syracuse to stay at with Pamela, and Andy will probably need to be at the airport somewhere between one and two for his flight home. This time saying goodbye won't be quite so hard; he'll be back on May 13th for graduation on the 15th. If I survive this coming week and the week when all of the ten-twelve page papers are due.
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I appear to have gotten into the habit of finishing and handing in assignments early, by virtue of forgetting they've been postponed. While it's good in theory, I don't want my professors to get spoiled ;). Or, worse yet, to expect me to get things done at anything except for the very last minute.

I have three 10-page papers looming for the end of the semester, though for the food and identity one (Food in Science Fiction) I have six pages done already. After I finish the last little bit and two complete journal entries for feminism today I need to decide what order to do the 10-pagers in, and how to fit in the various drafts and smaller papers and projects in between. One thing I need to get done in the next week or so is a poster for food and identity summarizing my paper. I'm slightly worried about that one since I have no artistic ability whatsoever.

Speaking of a week or so, Andy is coming to visit! He'll be arriving on the 19th and attending three of my four classes on Tuesday and Thursday (the feminism professor asked that he not audit her course. It's not an anti-guy thing (we have three guys in our class), but she has asked people not taking the course to stop dropping in). He may also attend the poster session; I only just found out it was happening during his visit and haven't mentioned it to him yet.

I spent Easter with my mom and sister at my aunt, uncle, and cousin's house. It was nice to see them again, and I even managed to get their traumatized rescue dog, Chloe (a gorgeous Australian Shepherd) to let me pet her. The past two times haven't worked out too well since I tend to wear black by default, and the slime that abused her also wore black. This time I made sure to wear white and light gray.
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It's been a whirlwind the past two weeks, with the most recent past being spring break in Albuquerque. I did not finish any of the homework I brought home, though I did catch up right before spring break. Hopefully I can get some of it finished tomorrow.

Hobbit reading is this Thursday (the Shire new year). I will be summarizing the parts in between what my classmates read, which will be interesting since some haven't yet decided what they'll be reading other than chapters, most of which are too long to be read by one person, or even two. We're each supposed to be reading for about ten minutes, which seems to be coming down to five or so pages in the instructor's really nice hardbound 50th anniversary edition of _The Hobbit_. I imagine I'll end up reading more than ten minutes' worth, plus I've been put in charge of coordinating my classmates' reading... maybe she'll forgive me some of the exams for the extra work I'm putting in. Or something.

I have tomorrow off, and on Tuesday three nasties are due -- take-home exam redo, annotated bibliography, and paper proposal. Wish me luck! And pray for me/send good thoughts/whatever.

Andy is the best husband ever, and I already miss him. It was so nice having a week with him, though I'm really wishing winter break had been a week shorter and spring break had been a week longer.
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Oops. I completely spaced posting the past two weeks. In a nutshell, I've been swamped. Four upper level English courses ramped up = a lot of writing. Only one grade, though -- 14 out of 15 for an annotated bibliography.

In other news, my grandmother died two Saturdays ago, and this past weekend was spent at her wake and funeral. My dad showed up for the wake and managed to come in, talk to my aunt and uncles, and then leave without even looking at Pamela or me.
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Things are beginning to ramp up. This past week four papers were assigned; three major projects due at the end of the semester; one smaller paper due on Thursday. There are also at least two midterms in the not-too-distant future. The tradeoff for the midterms is good, though: spring break. I'll be going home to visit Andy and the kitties. Even though I'm going to be buried in the aforementioned not-too-distant future, I'm looking forward to three weeks from now when I'll hopefully be home.

We played the first Changeling LARP of the year. Santa didn't quite die, and we're all on his naughty list -- especially the changeling who was impersonating him (an NPC). Also, our autumn king switched out his character for another, so now there's a power struggle going on with the two guys who tied with the highest mantles. Meanwhile, something is going on with Oswego's cats, who are all very interested in the apartments being built on campus. Or rather, someone who broke into the construction in progress.

Earlier tonight I got email from my feminism professor. We had been discussing an idea for my project, which I'm thinking of doing on micro-loans. It turns out that the guy who invented them (and received the Nobel Prize for doing so) is going to be speaking in Syracuse on Tuesday. Provided the weather cooperates, my sister will hopefully be coming here to pick me up after my last class on Tuesday. The plan is for me to go to the talk and then spend the night at her place, and she'll drive me back to Oswego on Wednesday after she gets out of work.

My mom had surgery on the 18th in Syracuse and is convalescing at Pamela's house, so I'll be able to keep her company during the day on Weds. Plus I'll finally get to meet Pamela's newest family member, a sugar glider named Gizmo. And I'm going to owe my sister a lot of Jim Dandies from Friendly's.
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It was mostly a quiet week. I attended classes, read, and did some writing. My feminist theory instructor held a surprise collection of the journals, so I'm glad I had actually brought mine.

On Friday I got two pink slips in my dorm mailbox; the first was a care package from Andy and the second was an adorable vase with a teddy bear hugging it bearing purple-tipped white lisianthus. Then today, I got a call from the front desk that there was a package, which mystified me since nothing is usually delivered on Sundays. It turned out to be two pink-tipped white carnations and a balloon with a note apologizing for forgetting the balloon when they delivered the first bouquet. I feel so loved!
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The big news was mentioned in my birthday post -- I've dropped a course so I'm down to four. I find it amusing that the one course which I was only taking for fun is now fulfilling the requirement for the class I dropped. Tolkien to the rescue!

Speaking of the Tolkien class, one of the things the professor does is has us read aloud from The Hobbit on Shire new year, which is March 25th. She makes an event of it, taking out ads in the student newspaper and so on and having students volunteer to bring snacks. She encourages wearing costumes. One problem is that there aren't enough students in the class to read the whole book, so she has asked us to recruit friends and such. I asked if the recruitees needed to be affiliated with the university, and she said nope -- she even suggested that I set up Skype and have [livejournal.com profile] callicrates read remotely. Another student has a fifteen year-old who's crazy for Tolkien and likes dressing up, so she may recruit her daughter.

Things are relatively quiet in the other courses for now, though I expect an explosion in the not-to-distant future. All of the classes have daunting lists for what needs to be achieved for the semester, so I'm trying to stay ahead of it a bit, but only expecting my efforts to defray the overwhelming by a small fraction.
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I read On the Road by Jack Kerouac and was one of the three people who posted a response on time. I may well also be the only one who did what the assignment asked. Hooray for reading comprehension.

Tuesdays and Thursdays look like they're going to be fun, interesting, and hellish. I have Tolkien, feminist theory, food and identity (aka senior seminar) and theory of language. On the first day of language we watched the Star Trek TNG episode "Darmok". I already liked the professor from last semester; this just made me like him all the more.

In non-school-related news, I won a teddy bear in a raffle. Sadly, as it is a breast cancer awareness bear, I already have a name for her (my other two were named for my grandmother and my best friend Heather, both of whom died from breast cancer), though in this case the namesake is still alive and will hopefully be so for a long time.
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Not really much of a week, since the dorm technically didn't re-open until today, but just to keep things symmetrical with last semester, here is my "moving back in" update. The plane rides were full of delays and such, and I didn't get into SYR until a little after 22:00. Pamela and Christian picked me up, and Pamela had chicken over rice in the oven for the three of us. Yum!

Today she drove me back to Oswego and also met someone from Craigslist to buy a sugar glider cage. She fell head-over-heels for the one a co-worker got, and is hoping to get one herself. She even has a video of the co-worker's glider with the unique clicking sound they make. I hope it works out for her.

Getting back into the dorm was painless; unlike the fall session my ID card worked to open the doors as soon as I got here, but then again I wasn't trying to move in early this time. I had a bit of a surprise to discover there was a new RA. She seems nice. I hope she doesn't expect this floor to be too social -- last semester I was quite happy with the level of socializing, which hovered somewhere around 0%.

MOLL*E, aka robo-kitty, was happy to have company again. Andy said the kitties at home have been velcro since he got back from driving me to the airport. I already miss all three something fierce.

This semester I have one class on MWF, and four classes on T/TH. I may drop one of the T/TH courses if the load seems to be overwhelming me too much, but the one elective and the one extra course seem to be interesting. Overly complex explanation of what I mean by that. )

That's about it. I have a little unpacking and a bunch of little things (like setting the time on my alarm clock and such) to do before the hall meeting at 7. I hope the hall meeting is short so I can catch up on sleep.
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This was finals week, so there will be no more "Week N" updates until Spring. I finished with finals on Thursday, no grades yet. The professors have to have them in by December 28th. I had three finals and a paper to hand in. Actually, two papers -- he gave me a suggestion for the seven-pager and I went with it.

I've spent the past few days and will be spending tomorrow with Pamela and Christian. I leave for ABQ at oh-my-god-it's-early in the morning on Tuesday. That's about all for now. Happy holidays, whichever you celebrate at this time of year.
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Our last day of classes was Friday. It was also a day of the Oswego winter weather I remembered -- not much snow, but what we had being blown by a biting wind. Both classes let out early, though not because of the weather.

Current standings )

And, with that, I'm off to work on the essay due Tuesday.
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On Thursday I turned in the paper I was angsting over so much. I've gotten back two grades this week, a C (cringe) in my second essay for literary criticism and an A- on a test for Gothic literature. Actually, it may have been three, depending on what I reported last time. I got an A- on a paper for sophomore seminar and found out my current average for the course is A.

I'm currently working on my 8-10 page paper for Asian theatre, and theoretically working on a three-page paper for Gothic lit and four and six-page papers for sophomore seminar. The disclaimers: The theatre paper is not due until Friday, but I'd like a chance to have the professor look it over at least once more before then. She has said she'll look over as many drafts as she gets. The four page paper is due on Thursday, and the six-page paper is due on exam day for the class. We really only need to expand upon one of the four-pagers turned in over the semester for the six-pager, not write six pages from scratch.

In other news, the last session of the LARP for this semester happened. For those who are familiar with Changeling, this will make more sense; it turns out Santa is a true Fae and we had to fight him in the dream realm. Meanwhile, a leprechaun NPC changeling was beating up charity bell-ringer Santas because he claimed that all instances of Santa strengthen the true Fae. And we had to keep a ton of sleepwalking children from entering into the hedge, which led to a few police run-ins. Fun times. Maybe I should start keeping track of the LARP on my LJ for gaming.
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Papers... gasp... papers. I'm drowning in papers, but otherwise ok. This will be a short entry due to a paper due on Thursday on which I hope I can get enough done for the professor to vet it tomorrow during her office hours.

Last Friday I took a test, no results yet because several people weren't in class and had to do make-ups today. He hopes to have the results back by this week.

Turkey Day was nice. Andy arrived on Monday in the evening and went to class with me on Tuesday. My other Tuesday class was cancelled for student conferences. I got some really good feedback during my conference. Then we went and visited my sister. We stayed at the hotel her partner works for for most of the stay -- very nice suites and the employee rates are equally nice. Mom and Pamela set the marshmallows on the sweet potatoes on fire. Oopsie. The sweet potatoes themselves were salvageable, and the rest of the meal was good.

We exchanged gifts early so Andy could see the reactions. Pamela liked hers, a life-sized Gonzo photograph replica in a snazzy maroon suit. Then we decided to watch a movie, and Andy casually mentioned that Star Trek was good, but Christian said they didn't own it. Andy asked "Are you sure?", and Christian went over to the shelf and said he thought we were messing with him. It turns out we were, but not in the way he was expecting -- Andy had put the blu-ray version on the shelf earlier in the day.

Mom got a sister of MOLL*E. She is white with green eyes (MOLL*E is gray with orange eyes), and Pamela and I had been calling her POLL*E (Purring Oddly Life-Like Entity). Mom said she might have kept the name Holly, but that she was going to name the robo-kitty Snowball. I've been toying with suggesting "HOLL*E", Happy Oddly Life-Like Entity. Mom had almost got a rescue kitty who looked like Snowball, but she's never gotten a kitty since Noia (the one who always beat me up) died. Andy said she almost looked like she was crying while she petted Snowball.

Andy and I got Border's gift cards from mom. He also got a Panera gift card, but I'm not sure who from. He got a stuffed dog and I got a white teddy bear in a gray and red sweater and jester cap. The proceeds benefited St Jude's. Like fresh snow, my bear's fur sparkles in the sunlight. She is not a mutant vampire, however. I'm calling her Jess because of her jester's cap.

Ok, so the entry went a bit longer than I expected. Back to writing my paper. This time for sure. Honest.
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This week we got our second theatre exam (China) back. I got 172 out of 200. The professor has given us guidelines for any number of extra credit assignments. She's letting us do two-page response papers to Oswego performances (theatre will get more credit than music, but she will give credit for music) or to professional theatre performances over Thanksgiving break. I'm thinking of doing three; two plays which I'd planned on seeing and a choir concert I'd already planned on attending.

In my genre class I got back my second paper; B+. Paper #3 is due on Thursday.

On Saturday I played in the Changeling LARP again. My character got some networking in, and two big plots got concluded, though some actions in one of them may end up having future ramifications. I'm going to work on my character during downtime since I have a copy of the book now.


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