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So much for daily updates. Oh well. Anyway, Jenny met her original foster mom again on Friday, as well as a new stranger, and did fine with both. For a kitten who was at the borderline age for ferals being able to be tamed, she is not afraid of people now. She's still sleeping in her tent at night, and still makes a fuss if I'm not nearby. I'm not sure how she'll react when I start sleeping on the bed again, rather than on the floor next to the tent. Heidi is still acting somewhat like a spinster aunt bemused by the antics of a youngster. Sean is playing with her, but will pin her if she gets out of hand (or out of paw, as the case may be).

There are week seven pictures of her up at http://gallery.spundreams.net/v/kitties/jenny/.
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Andy and I are fostering one of the four emergency kittens [livejournal.com profile] ljedi was saddled with last week. The kitten's given name was Jill, after a character in the computer game _Resident Evil_, and we're calling her both Jill and Jenny, the latter of which she responds to at this point. I'm not sure how long we'll have her for; we want to make sure she is still adoptable when we give her up. Sadly, May through September is kitten season, and if the kittens are not super tiny and cute, they get passed over. Tiny and cute encompasses anywhere from 8 weeks (the youngest they're supposed to be separated from their mother) to somewhere under 16 weeks (the age at which they're recommended to be fixed). Jenny is about six weeks old now. There are some pictures of her here.

More information for my own reference and/or for the terminally bored. )

I will do an entry about Thursday later on today, when Thursday is almost or officially over. I'm hoping to update daily so we can keep track of her progress.


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