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The past few days, actually. )

Oh, one last thing -- I found out today that I got an "A" in my summer course. I had been worried it would be an "A-", but thankfully Andy was correct on that count when he said it would be an "A".
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I turned in my final paper today. Now to see what grade I get for the last module and for the course itself. And, of course, two weeks until I move into the dorm. Commence panicking.
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I received a reply to my email -- terse, but it said what I needed to hear (read?). Just to be sure I'll be printing it out before we leave for Oswego on the 28th. In the meantime, I'm getting ready to go home. Seeing the in-laws, both grandmothers, and a bonus aunt and uncle as well as the DCI finals was fun, but I'm ready to spoil some kitties.
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Recently a bunch of Oswego students fell for phishing scams and gave a bunch of spammers their passwords. This has resulted in Oswego getting on a bunch of blacklists. Apparently this includes the account my mail is forwarding to until I move into my dorm. This explains how I missed some important mail dated August 6th which I didn't see until today. Unfortunately because it's Sunday I can't call to fix it right away. Since the situation is laid out in the email I sent to housing, I'm just including the text of the email behind the cut.

This is what I sent to housing. )

I'll phone them tomorrow before we leave for the airport if they haven't replied yet. I'm not sure what we'll do if they decide not to make the exception for me -- I don't even want to think of the change fees for the airplane ticket(s).
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The first time I went to Oswego I was double-majoring in education and theatre. As previously noted, I'm going back as an English major. Meanwhile, I thought it was a horrible waste to just ignore all of the theatre courses I had taken, and it ended up that my two final general education requirements were going to be met with theatre courses. In that light, I've been looking into getting a theatre double-major again, or at least a minor.

As it turns out, finishing the theatre major would require too many classes to fit into one school year. As far as I could tell a minor was doable, but I wanted to hear it from someone who is actually qualified to determine that, so I contacted the theatre department. After a few near misses with email and phone calls, the professor in charge of minors called today when I was home and awake.

We've pretty much determined that I need three upper-level courses to get the minor, and one of them I already have scheduled for this coming semester. Another was taken care of by an interpretation course I took, leaving one class. The biggest question now is what would make me the most marketable (her words) or what would be the most fun (mine). She told me how to declare the minor, so I'll do so when I get on campus. Meanwhile, the one course I was worried about is a practical experience one-credit jobber. At some point I mentioned that I'd assistant directed a play directed by the guy who's now department head. Problem solved. I just need to have an informal chat with the advisor and the department head, again when I get to Oswego this fall.

The fact that I need one course also solves a problem I'd had with the second semester; I only needed three courses for my major, but you need four to be a full-time student. What with needing exactly one theatre course, this becomes a non-issue. In other news, the course which I'm taking over the summer is a renumbered course I'd already taken. If I had been taking it strictly for theatre I would have been grumpy, but I still need it for my gen ed requirement, so it's all good.
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I finally got mine -- I'll be in my first-choice dorm; one which is all singles by default. I told MOLL*E, and her reply was a purr.
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I don't yet know my dorm assignment (the waiting is driving me nuts), but I do know that no matter which one I end up in, cats are not allowed. The first time I was in college mom took care of Thena and would drive up with her on weekends. Much as I would love to do the same with Heidi or Sean, it's just not feasible, and besides, they'll need each other while Andy's at work. So, in desperation, I sought online and found... robo-kitty. Robo-kitty looks quite real, meows, purrs, and moves its head and tail. While they originally came in three colors, they've been discontinued and the only one I could find was gray with golden-orange eyes. I had it shipped to my sister in Syracuse so she could hang on to it for me until I come in August.

While visiting Syracuse we opened up robo-kitty and put in batteries. It was a hit, and I soon realized it was a she. She was a great comfort after my last talk with my biological father. Anyway, I brought her home with me since she fit nicely in my backpack. There are some cute pictures of Heidi and Sean meeting her at our gallery.

Mom especially adored it, since she hasn't gotten a cat since Noia died (Noia was the one who always beat me up when I visited mom). I found a used white robo-kitty which Pamela and I are going to get for mom. Meanwhile, I finally came up with a name for robo-kitty.

MOLL*E, pronounced like "Molly", stands for "Meowing Oddly Life-Like Entity".

Sample Photo )

Why yes, I did like the movie WALL*E. Why do you ask?
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Nope, not the earthquake which just happened; I'm not in California. However, the USPS came through again and delivered the dorm room deposit check today. Of course it was sent priority and Andy mailed it on Saturday, so there was no chance they would have attempted to deliver it on Saturday.

I'm hoping that everything else can be done online from now on.
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The subject line refers to the sum total of what I can do now with regards to college. I can't register dorm preferences until April 13th and I can't register for classes until May 4th. My adviser won't get my folder until late April. The only variable now is when the check I'm sending out tomorrow (a Saturday, so they can't attempt to deliver it on Saturday) will arrive. The check is a room deposit, so that I can put in my dorm preference on the first day possible (first minutes possible, if I can help it).

I just need to keep reminding myself that even though I can't do anything more at the moment, that the truly important stuff is done. My credits didn't expire, I was accepted, and I heard from the head of the Gen Ed department himself that I only need one course to finish up that portion of my education. Even if the courses I need for my major and minor fill up, I'll have someone who can help me figure out some alternative. And even if I don't get the dorm I want, at least I'll be back in Oswego.
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The check finally made it to Oswego... a day after I noticed the option to pay online and used it. I should have noticed it sooner, but I rather wish it had been mentioned somewhere. At any rate, the voided check is on its way back to us, and that's dealt with.

The final circumstance which would have kept me from attending SUNY Oswego is no longer an issue. I will be using the Gen Ed requirements from when I attended. )

My Oswego email account was created today, and will be live within 24 hours. Hopefully at that point I can finally register for my dorm. The other day, before I discovered the auto-pay specifically for the deposit, at one point it looked like the notice for the check had not been delivered. I called the dorm folks about the deadline I was afraid I might miss. In the course of the conversation I found out that the dorm building I want to stay in has 140 rooms, only 40 or so which have been filled at this point. Here's hoping there's still room for me once my email is live and I can put in my dorm request.
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Despite having marked the "Do not deliver on Saturday or holiday" box, the post office attempted delivery today. I called to see if I could schedule the redelivery myself and she apologized about the mistake, but said that USPS rules are that the recipient and only the recipient can do so. Requests for same day redelivery must be made by 2am local time, and the office is closed until 9am on Monday. I don't know if they will send someone to pick it up or if it will be delayed until Tuesday.

Unfortunately the registration cycle is started upon receipt of the deposit, and I can't do anything until they get it. In the long run one day probably will not result in the end of the world, but things like dorm room assignments are based on when the housing deposit is received, and I can't make the housing deposit until the registration process is triggered. The deadline for the housing deposit is March 27th, so I'm a little antsy about timing.


Mar. 20th, 2009 04:08 pm
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I got the official letter today -- I've been readmitted to Oswego. I wrote out the deposit check and drove down to the post office to be sure it was mailed by the 3pm deadline for express mail. I asked them not to deliver it on Saturday, so it should get there Monday. Once they have the check I'll receive further information.

Thank you to those who have provided encouragement and followed along. Now the truly fun part begins... paperwork. And shots. Can't forget those.


Mar. 17th, 2009 08:46 pm
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Once again I am extremely impressed with the USPS. I sent the application to Oswego on Friday via priority mail, and it arrived first thing in the morning on Monday. I'm not so impressed with the USPS email updates, however. It was just sheer jitteriness on my part which led me to check today, not any email I received.

I hope Oswego gets the transcript soonish. I faxed in the request late Thursday night/early Friday morning, and although they'll not be sending it priority, the driving time from SUNY IT to SUNY Oswego is a leisurely 2 hours or so. SUNY IT has my phone number and hasn't called to say anything was awry, so hopefully it was sent Friday or Monday.

Now I just have to wait for the letter to arrive from Oswego. Suffice it to say that between Andy and me, our mailbox is going to be closely watched until it arrives.
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Holy cow! I talked to the person from the registrar's office on Monday, afternoon her time. I got the readmission form in the mail today. They got the last snail-mail from Oswego to me pretty quickly as well. Now let's see if I've just jinxed myself.

The application was super easy and partially filled in. All I needed to give them was my name, address, last yer attended, year applying for, and major applying for. If I'd been kicked out it would have been a little more painful, but I left on academic warning.

One other thing I had to answer, however, was if I'd attended school between Oswego and now, and if so, provide a transcript. Unfortunately I did; one semester at a local institute of technology. If I crashed and burned my last two semesters in Oswego, then the best way to describe my semester at SUNY IT would involve a college-sized meteor and a napalm factory.

It was seriously tempting to just omit the bit about SUNY IT, but I hate lying. That, and then I'd spend the rest of my life worried they'd somehow find out. At any rate it's too late now; I faxed in a request for my SUNY IT transcript to be sent to Oswego and in my cover letter I included that I'd sent the request.

Tomorrow I send out the application via priority mail, signature requested, and I've already printed out the label. I'm just going to hope they ask for more information before rejecting me and/or that they have some sort of appeal process if they don't.

Andy says that looking at my transcript, it's obvious that all hell broke loose at that time in my life. I went from a solid B average (including two semesters on the dean's list) to academic warning, and that from that angle, the SUNY IT bit won't hurt me too much. I hope he's correct and Oswego just re-accepts me.
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Actually, it arrived on Friday, but after [livejournal.com profile] callicrates had left his office. I compared courses taken to a printout of what courses one needs for an English major, and it looks like I'm missing up to six classes. That's jumping a bit ahead, though.

I began my next step today, calling one of the student advocacy offices. She passed me on to the registrar, who assured me that crashing and burning for two semesters wasn't the end of the world. She sent out a readmission application and information on what happens next.

In other news, the canal of one of my teeth was re-rooted today. Ibuprofen is my friend.

PIN Arrived

Mar. 4th, 2009 09:27 pm
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The PIN for my Oswego account arrived tody. Unfortunately the online records don't go back quite far enough, so I faxed in a transcript request. I've printed out requirements for an English degree as well as the requirements for an English certification for secondary ed (since secondary ed was one half of my double-major), and there is a lot of overlap. Hopefully the courses haven't changed much; or rather, hopefully they still have the same names and course numbers as they did back then.

Secondary ed will be a bust; the woman who sent the first email noted that none of the courses I took are still valid. Theatre, the other half of my major, might still be an option, but it's a little complicated. In order to graduate I would need a course which is a catch-all for being in performances or working backstage. I know I did backstage work there, but I don't know if I asked for any of it to be credited academically. If I did I would need to attend at least one semester to do a senior project. If I didn't, I might need to attend multiple semesters to get all the practicals under my belt. I have no idea how long they keep records for, or if I could retroactively get credit for work done so long ago.

Apropos of nothing -- amusing factoid: Albuquerque is in the LJ spell check, but Oswego is not.
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I called today (I waited at least 24 hours, honest) and talked to the supervisor. She said that a PIN hadn't been generated, so she did so. Due to security reasons they can't give it over the phone or email to any address outside of the oswego.edu domain (both are good precautions from my point of view), so I'll have to wait for it to arrive via snail-mail. Hilarity ensued when I realized she probably had my address of 15 years ago and I had to call back, but that was easy enough to fix. Now to find the marriage license and fax it in so my last name gets updated.
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I took undergrad courses at the State University of New York (SUNY) college at Oswego immediately following high school, but when I left it was not as a graduate. The reasons were complicated but included the major changing out from under me with no grandfather clauses, as well as personal issues. Although I could not have graduated with my original major in four years, I was very close to qualifying for a major in my concentration area. Very close in terms of one or two courses. I have, through the years, varied between not caring, beating on myself for not managing those one or two courses, and desperately wanting to finish my degree, preferably at SUNY Oswego.

(What may become) The Oswego Saga )


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